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What people are saying

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“The Wow Factor:  Early Sunday morning I stopped in on a bike ride for breakfast.  I asked the waitress if there was a newspaper available and she said ‘let me check.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw her go outside and she came back in with a fresh Press Democrat that she placed on my table. WOW. This place has always had excellent spirit.  The people working there seem to enjoy being there and love interfacing with customers.

Food is hearty and portions are huge- share with someone or get a box if you’re not a lumberjack.  The linguica scramble is a favorite of mine.  I don’t know if it’s on the menu, just ask.”

Bill S. Santa Rosa, CA

“Been going to Piner Cafe for years. Love this place! Large portions, great – friendly service…never an empty cup of coffee. I’m not really a review writer, but when I’m looking to go our for a great breakfast w/ family or friends. We always chose the Piner Cafe.”  

E. M. Santa Rosa, CA

“My family and I had breakfast there just this morning.  Food was great as was the service.  Pancakes were quite large and very good.  The bacon was nicely done.  My boys both had chicken fried steak which they both enjoyed thoroughly.  My wife had a breakfast burrito which she modified to a vegetarian version.  Our waitress promptly offered other fillings such as spinach and feta cheese to suit my wife’s request.

We’ll certainly be going back!”  

Casey T. Santa Rosa, Ca

“The Piner Cafe is one of those places where it’s just jumpin’ all the time and the waitresses mostly  call you “honey” or “sweetie”.   [So, if you’re not mature-minded enough to handle that, you might want to stay away.]  Kinda like stopping by mom’s house.  Great food  /  great service  /  no pressure.  Eat inside or outside  under a roof, all with a real competent & cozy feeling.  Don’t come when you want things fancy or formal.

Fun, lively, & upbeat—-yet highly efficient!  I mean, those ladies knew exactly what they were doing and got it DONE, yet managed to be charming in the process!!  A beehive of contented customers & many who walked in appeared to be regulars/locals.  I could easily get fat eating here—-good thing we live out of town.

Arriving around noon, we were seated promptly (even though the place was packed) and it seemed like the food arrived in no time.  I had a bleu-cheese burger (1/2 # of real good beef) on an onion roll with an old-fashioned chocolate shake & white bean soup.  Burger=A+  /  Shake=B+ /  Soup=A+ .   My wife had chili (A+) and a bowl of fresh fruit (A+).  Prices were reasonable & you left feeling good in more ways than one.  We  will definitely be back!!!”  

Butch H. Sacramento, CA

“Very nice place, where the locals have breakfast.

1. Food Creativity = 8
2. Food Flavor = 9
3. Food Freshness = 9
4. Food Presentation = 8
5. Service Friendliness = 10
6. Attentiveness Service = 10
7. Location = 9
8. Ambiance = 7
9.Menu = 8
10. Cleanliness = 8”  

Diego S. Monterey, CA

“Starving after a night of partying, we were just looking for a place with some good hearty brunch which lead us to Piner Cafe. The wait was average for a Sunday late morning and since it was just two of us, we didn’t mind sitting at the bar.

I did like that the first thing provided, even before the menu, was coffee (or maybe I just looked like I needed it). Coffee was average but I still had 4 cups. Manfriend ordered the choco milk (milk + choco syrup = kids fav) but he enjoyed it.

I ordered the chorizo scramble with a side of hash browns and wheat toast. This could’ve fed me for 2 breakfasts with the amount of food provided. Oh and be sure to ask for their homemade salsa.

Manfriend ordered a sausage omelet with cheddar cheese, side of hash browns and toast. His plate was also generous. They even put pieces of sausage on the outside of the omelet (because it wouldn’t fit inside!) he was so full he didn’t finish his plate either.

All in all, decent place with slightly above average food, prices were a bit much for a café, but I guess for the portion size, it was worth it.”

Selena H. Irvine, CA

“From the outside this place doesn’t even look open for business. But as soon as you walk in, you are greeted with your that familiar and ultra comfortable breakfast joint feeling. Servers are places heaps of eggs, sausages and pancakes on the table and refilling coffee cups.

Day 1 we had the apple sausage plate and the croissant breakfast sandwich.
Day 2 Chili Cheese burger and Regular Cheeseburger

Both days were on HIT!”  

Alicia P. Emeryville, CA

“This is my go to spot for Saturday morning. I love that when I walk in they know me by name and treat me like family. There is usually a wait to be seated as they are very busy, but it is worth it. The food is wonderful and prepared just the way I like it. Your platter of food comes to you heaped with goodness and the coffee just keeps coming. Excellent service tops a the wonderful down home experience.”  

Heather B. Santa Rosa, CA

“Great food, great staff!!! Now open for dinner as well.”  

Norman L. Cotati, Ca

“I love this place! It’s one of my favorite diners in town, and definitely some of the best Eggs Florentine around. I love the hollandaise! Friendly and efficient service with a solid menu and stout coffee. Only drawback, limited hours. I would love for this place to be open more. Check out this often over-looked place. Actually, don’t; I want this place to myself.”  

Clint T. Santa Rosa , CA

“For brunch, you get a ton of food for $20. I usually get an omelet meal, which comes with an omelet (3 eggs), hash brown, and toast. It probably packs around 1000+ calories. For two people, I recommend getting 1 omelet meal, and something on the side. American food packs a lot of calories, so watch out if you are on a diet. The waitresses were friendly and the service is excellent.

Overall, it is very similar to Denney’s or IHOPs, the quality is a little better, and the price is not that much more expensive. If I had to choose though, I would definitely come here to eat brunch instead of Denny’s or IHOPs.”

Jason C.  Hacienda Heights, CA

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